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Dual Charger
Balance energy between plugs

Dual Station is a new generation up to 88kW
charging stations from AE Charge Point.

From € 1,300


Station specification

decrs img decrs img

E-Bike socket

230V / 16А / 3.5kW


Type 2 (Mennekes)

400V / 63А / 43kW**


Type 2 (Mennekes)

400V / 63А / 43kW**

Floor mountain

Wall mountain


E-Bike socket

230V / 16А / 3.5kW

type-2 socket

Type 2 socket

400V / 63А / 43kW**

type-2 socket

Type 2 socket

400V / 63А / 43kW**

Floor mountain

Wall mountain


* Can be supplied in two versions 400V / 63A / 43 kW and 400V / 32A / 22 kW


Pedestal (on a concrete base)

Charging station size:

Wall mounting:
20.55 x 14.37 х 9.17 inch / 555 x 365 x 233 mm
Floor mounting:
76.46 x 25.16 x 11.42 inch / 1942 х 639 х 290 mm

Length of cables:

From 21.33 ft / 6.5 m

Information display:

Two-line LED-backlit in English / Italian / German / France / Spanish /
Ukrainian / Polish / Czech / Macedonian / russian


Steel anti-corrosion coating

Input/output 230/400V:

Minimum - 12A
Maximum - 125A

Methods of connecting the charging station to the billing system are available:

2G, 3G, 4G, LAN, Wi-Fi

OCPP protocol support:

1,6 JSON

Access and activation:

RFID cards (Mifare standard), local list memory - 10000+
cards Mobile application P&C by VIN code / credit card
terminal choosed by owner

Payment by credit card:

Recommend payment terminal Ingenico iUC180 / iUC180B terminal.(Only for special orders)

Support for the following payment methods:

Online terminal, Visa, MasterСard, American Express,
Apple Pay, Google Pay, and any other choosed by owner

It supports the following payment methods:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Protective equipment:

The charging station is equipped with a controller with an
electronic RCD (30mA, 3 phases) and ground control
Enclosure protection class IP65
Mechanical protection class IK10

Operating temperature range:

From -35°C to +50 °C / -31°F to +122°F


24 months

Charging station manufacturer:


CE, ISO, EAC and etc. certified

The number of cars that can be charged at the same time:

2 cars (Type2 Mennekes / Type 2 sockets) + 1 Socket ( 230V 16A) Tested with all EV cars and Plug-in Hybrid models

Complete installation and operating instructions

Check out the detailed technical characteristics and rules of operation of the charging station.

Take more, pay less!

Table of discounts

It's simple. Choose a station you like and select the number of stations you want to buy. After that, in the table, you will be able to see what discount you will get when you buy that many charging stations. And maybe you will want to buy more.

Number of charging stations

1-5 pc.

6-10 pc.

11-20 pc.

21-50 pc.

51-99 pc.

100+ pc.

200+ pc.

AC Charger Dual Charger

1 300 €

No discount

1 300 €

No discount

1 250 €

-50 €

1 200 €

-100 €

1 150 €

-150 €

1 100 €

-200 €

1 050 €

-250 €

Our partner Charger System Inc

For clients
modern design

Advanced approach to UX and UI

regular update

Regular updates, new features, etc.

For business

Manage your EV charging network

edit info

Edit station information and functions in your app

Visit web-site >

CS Cloud

Charger System Inc provides customers with a cloud-connected product that allows charging stations to operate on the same network.


Mobile Apps for clients

online support

Online support and diagnostic


Online config and updates


Transaction manager


Billing system

Our certificates

The highest quality of AE Charge Point stations is confirmed by certificates of conformity of independent organizations around the world.

Our products are successfully sold to Europe, Israel (USA and Canada for fleet charging).